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Cesar Perez Scores with Sun Belt Internship

Cesar Perez at the Georgia Dome

Cesar Perez at the Georgia Dome

Cesar Perez (Multimedia Communications, ‘15) holds an intern position as the Digital Media Correspondent with the Sun Belt Conference this year. As the first student at Georgia Southern University to hold this position, he has taken advantage of this tremendous opportunity for professional development.

Perez’s job comprises of producing three videos each week for the Sun Belt. He controls every step, from setting up the interviews with the student athletes, to interviewing the students, to editing the final takes. “This job is a great way to learn skills for the future,” he said.

The Sun Belt conference provided Perez with different types of equipment for his position, including a high definition camera and a tripod, which Perez says is “the best job perk.” The conference also gave him Sun Belt apparel. “It was awesome to get everything I needed from the Sunbelt. The equipment will allow me to be successful during the upcoming year,” Perez said.

Each week he produces three videos. The first, entitled, “Weekend Recaps,” is a two- to three-minute summary of the weekend sports events. Here, Perez has the opportunity to interview different administrators and athletes on the games. “I’ve also traveled to away games. Being on the field for the Georgia Dome was a very neat experience,” Perez said.

The second video he works on is “Features,” and Perez interviews athletes and coaches, including Edwin Jackson or Coach Willie Fritz. “The feature videos are my favorite because I get to choose the story I focus on. I’ve had the chance to interview some big names already,” Perez said.

The last videos are the “Weekend Previews,” where Perez interviews athletes about upcoming games. “Filming the videos is a great experience. I’ve gotten used to the sport environment, and I think people are starting to become comfortable with me,” Perez said.

Perez has no doubt this internship will help him with his career plans in television production.  “Because of this opportunity, I’ve become comfortable with the different angles of video production. It gives me experience for the future,” Perez said.


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