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Honors Students Participate in Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference

Rachel Luoma and Daniel Allen present their research during one of the poster sessions at GURC 2014

Rachel Luoma and Daniel Allen present their research during one of the poster sessions at GURC 2014

Georgia Southern University hosted the Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference over the weekend of November 15, bringing in undergraduate researchers and their mentors from colleges and universities all across Georgia. Among the approximately 175 presenters, 30 University Honors Program students discussed their research in panel presentations or during poster sessions.

Several honors students shared their experience at the conference:

After discussing her paper, “Popular Appeal and Nostalgia in Developing the Myth of the Frontier,” Rachel Neuhauser (Sociology ‘15) said, “Presenting undergraduate research and representing Georgia Southern is always fun work.  A lot of effort is put into these presentations, and it’s obvious in the quality.”

Aleyna Rentz (Writing & Linguistics ‘16) presented her research, “A Wexford Migration to Savannah, Georgia.” She was on a panel with several other students who participated in the Honors Inquiry to Ireland study abroad trip last summer. “In our panel, we found a plethora of firsthand information that should be shared with the public. Research isn’t just doing a paper, it’s getting out there and informing the world about it,” Rentz said.

Jessica Davis (Pre- Early Childhood Ed. ‘ 16) discussed “Teachers Perspectives on Inclusion and Co-Teaching.” “Presenting my research in its preliminary state at GURC was a good way to get some new perspectives. I’ll definitely consider the comments I received as my research develops,” Davis said.

Presenting his poster, “Green Recycling – Fabrication Nano-Engineered Advanced Aluminum Alloy with Aluminum Machining Chips Using Friction Stir Extrusion Processing,” Tyler Hedges (Mechanical Engineering ’15) said, “Participating in undergraduate research has provided me an opportunity to go really in depth on a subject matter that interests me. I have gotten the opportunity to apply what I have learned in several classes to a real world situation in an attempt to solve a problem that very few people have undertaken. At this conference, my partner and I have shared our findings thus far and discussed the future work and its benefits.”

Emily Feagin Oliver (English ’15) presented her research, “Urban Renewal in June Jordan’s His Own Where.” “Presenting at the undergraduate research conference does more than just provide practice and experience lecturing to a crowd of intellectual peers. It also allowed me to forge interdisciplinary connections with students and academics from all across Georgia. The greatest benefit of this conference was perspective—feedback and insight into your own research, and a new understanding and appreciation of others,” Oliver said.

The Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference will return to Georgia Southern in fall 2016. Director of the University Honors Program, Dr. Steven Engel is co-chair of the steering committee for the conference.


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