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Honors in Action with COBA

Dr. Denton's Honors class visiting Viracon in Statesboro, GA

Dr. Denton’s Honors class visiting Viracon in Statesboro, GA

Dr. Trey Denton, professor of Marketing and Logistics has developed two innovative courses for Honors students in the College of Business Administration (COBA). In the fall semester of their junior year, students focus on the successful business practice of “conscious capitalism” and how to develop a global awareness. In the spring semester, the curriculum evolves into the Honors Thesis Research Seminar, where students begin thesis projects with these business methods in mind. Dr. Denton’s approach to real life problem solving and hands-on activities places a new perspective on sustainable business.

This semester, students will travel to Great Dane Manufacturing Plant, a company who produces high tech refrigerated trailers. “Talking field trips to corporations and having the chance to speak with industrial leaders can help envision future situations in the real world,” a student of Dr. Denton, Mikaela Shupp, senior business and Spanish major, said.

Dr. Denton wants business seminar courses to be places where students can discuss new ideas while engaging with others. He focuses on how sustainably can reflect three concepts: the planet, people, and profitability. “It’s a place where honors students can come together and be themselves and enjoy a good discussion,” Denton said.

Last fall, the honors business seminar went to Viracon, an innovative glass manufacturing company with a plant in Statesboro. The class met with Viracon employees such as Rick Farmer, Plant Manager, Ruben Bufford, Safety Coordinator, and Shayla Donaldson, Human Resource Representative, to gather a variety of perspectives on alternative business strategies. Students received a tour of the plant and participated in a roundtable discussion of global business strategies. “We want students to understand principles of effective leadership for real life leadership in action,” Denton said.

Throughout the year, Dr. Denton demonstrates different business concepts through hands-on activities and brings in an assortment of speakers from different backgrounds. “During class, we have the floor to talk about real life situations, rather than simply analyzing textbooks,” Shupp said. “These are the concepts that will make a difference in the business world.”


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