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Alumni Update: Paola Robelo Advances in Graphic Design

Paola Robelo and Dr. Steven Engel.

While Paola Robelo visited her alma mater during homecoming, she took the time to stop by the Eidson House and to reminisce on her past experiences in the Honors Program at Georgia Southern University. She is currently a resident graphic designer for a high-end retail company, Ben Silver. The company is known for their well-tailored suits, silk ties, cufflinks and many more clothing essentials. Paola Robelo, is currently living in Charleston, South Carolina, where she assists in an assortment of fields within the design aspects of online and print publications for Ben Silver.

“I design layouts and assist in the photography of catalogs, as well as prepare interactive online versions. I conduct sales analysis and square inch analysis of catalogs using the company’s operating system (QOP). I execute and update web imagery, creative content, and merchandise web photography through Net Store Manager (NSM), the company’s web software,” Robelo said.

She also plays in important role in creating print advertisements for the company at local print publications such as the Official Charleston Area South Carolina Visitors Guide in 2015, 2016 and 2017, as well as the Charleston Area Golf Guide in 2015. Ben Silver uses both digital and physical advertisement for their company. The balance of the two allows the company to interact with the customer in a variety of ways, whether it be through social media or a print add.

“I develop a wide range of printed and online marketing material including ads, email, web graphics, posters, and postcards. I also manage all of our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest,” she said.

Robelo has the opportunity to learn from other graphic designers, because an aspect of her job is collaboration with others. As a united team, the graphic designers at Ben Silver work together to create new, pioneering means of marketing and advertisement for the consumer. This group based atmosphere allows for innovation and creativity to shine.

Robelo’s routine at Ben Silver is constantly changing. She is presented with a new task to accomplish, depending on the project she is focusing on. Her responsibilities span from catalog design to photography. Each aspect requires a different set of skills, which allows for an ever changing work atmosphere. This setting forces Robelo to create new and innovative designs while adapting to new challenges every day.

“Every day is different. It all depends on the project that I am working on that day and/or week. Catalog days are very intense and fast paced. Designing layouts and placement for the merchandise requires a lot of thinking and strategy. Photography days are tedious and very detail oriented. Through the photos, I am able to express the quality of the product by telling a story with every outfit featured in the catalog. I try to be creative while staying within the branding of the company overall, every day requires a lot of strategy and always having a fresh creative mind,” Robelo said.

While studying graphic design, marketing and art history at Georgia Southern University, she gained professional world experience which prepared her for life after college. She was the editor-of-design for the Honors Program’s newsletter and magazine, Honors @ Georgia Southern. This experience allowed Robelo to be creative, while maintaining and promoting the image of the Georgia Southern University Honors Program. This experience provided her with tools such as time-management, mastery of new software, and an enhanced design aesthetic.

“Working for the Honors Program prepared me in many ways for the professional setting and my current job. One of my duties at Ben Silver is to design the catalogs which has a lot of similarities to designing the Honors Program magazine. Similar to Ben Silver, every addition of the magazine brought a new challenge, and I enjoyed taking those challenges and getting creative with them,” she said.

Throughout Robelo’s life, she has always been inspired by the arts. From the age of six, she has been attending painting classes. Graphic design allowed her to devote her creative energy into her job while also being her passion. She said, “Graphic design is my love, and I enjoy every second of the process from brainstorming, to creating and designing, to seeing the final product which is the most rewarding part and puts a big smile in my face!”


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