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Sarah Rogers Wins Best Undergraduate Student Presentation

Sarah Rogers in Newfoundland.


Newly graduated biology student Sarah Rogers won Best Undergraduate Student Presentation at the 2019 Benthic Ecology annual meeting in Newfoundland, Canada for a presentation based on her honors thesis, “The combined effects of ocean acidification and elevated sea temperature on the temperate coral Oculina arbuscula.

“This is a conference that the Gleason Lab—Dr. Daniel Gleason was my thesis mentor—attends every year,” Rogers said. “It is very student oriented, making it a great learning opportunity.”

Sarah Rogers (biology ‘19) travelled all the way to St. John’s, Newfoundland to present

This research has been her focus for a year and a half, and she was very excited for the opportunity to showcase what her research had uncovered at the meeting. She is very grateful that her mentor encouraged her to create her own project independently, giving her guidance only when she needed it. “He was very supportive of me answering questions myself and exploring new ideas,” Rogers said.

Starting this fall, Rogers will attend the Georgia Institute of Technology to begin in the Ocean Science and Engineering PhD program where she will continue her research. She has been awarded a teaching assistantship to support her studies at Tech.  In addition to continuing her research, she also plans to become a professor so that she can pass on her knowledge to the next generation of eager young scientists to pursue their passions.

“Don’t be afraid to extensively research the field you want to explore and answer questions for yourself, as opposed to relying on what other people tell you,” Rogers advised. “Draw conclusions and let those guide you in your research.”

See and hear from Sarah Rogers herself in this video.




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