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Honors College Student Organization Officers – Statesboro Campus

Name: Mackenzie Miller

Role: President

Major: Fashion Merchandising & Management

Hometown: Peachtree City, GA

Future Plans: I hope to attend graduate school for fashion/retail studies and own my own business working with adaptive clothing and universal design

What I Like Most About the Honors Program: I love the people I have met through the Honors Program, the opportunities for personal growth, and the encouragement I receive from the program to pursue my academic endeavors.

Name: Oneli Siribaddana

Role: Vice President

Major: Biology

Hometown: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Future plans: get accepted into medical school and become a pediatrician.

What I like most about the Honors program: I like the sense of community the Honors program provides. It provides a brilliant platform through which we are able to meet wonderful people and develop strong friendships that support us through our college years. 

Name: Kaitlyn Antonick

Role: Treasurer

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown:  Virginia Beach, Virginia

Future Plans:  Attend graduate school for Engineering Management

What I like most about the Honors Program:  The sense of community between academically curious students.

Name: Katherine Barrs

Role: Community Service Coordinator

Major: Biology and Mathematics

Hometown: Statesboro, GA

Future Plans: attend graduate school, conduct applied research at the interface of biology, chemistry, and mathematics, and work in an industry or a government institution.

What I like most about the Honors Program: Opportunities for undergraduate research and experiential learning in the Statesboro community

Name: Kathryn McIntosh

Role: Social Events Coordinator

Major: Mechanical Engineering w/ minor in Management

Hometown: Mount Holly, NC

Future Plans: I hope to attend graduate school and earn my MBA.

What I like most about the Honors Program: I love the sense of community and the numerous opportunities that have been provided for me. 

Name: Maddy McGrath

Role: Communications Coordinator

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Statesboro, Georgia

Future Plans: I hope to obtain a PhD in computer science, and contribute to the field of academia in Machine Learning

What I like the most about the honors program: I enjoy the sense of community it creates with every student involved in it.

Last updated: 12/9/2020